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Three Website Design Aspects that are Driving Your Visitors Crazy
If you are driving targeted traffic to your website but seeing them bounce off quickly despite the fact that you are offering them relevant information, products, and services, the problem isn’t with them, it’s with your website design. Here are 3 aspects of your website design that are driving your visitors crazy and probably motivating them to leave well before they should.searchfriendly_img * The assault on the senses – Trying to be all things to all visitors while cramming in some advertisements on the side can be overwhelming to your visitors. If they’re confused by your landing page for more than the first first few seconds after arriving, there is a good chance that hitting the “back” button will be their first action. * Getting lost – Visitors will often re-orient themselves on a site by going back to the homepage but the “back button” doesn’t always work, especially if they have linked into your site from an outside source such as a social media page, a blog, or a search engine results page. If the navigation isn’t clearly presented, visitors will often take what they see as their only option and leave the site. * Popups – A positive user experience plays major role in determining how visitors perceive and interact with your site. Popups rarely enhance user experience and are normally seen as something between an inconvenience and an aggravation. Keep in mind that if all other things are equal between two sites, the audience will prefer the one without popups over the one that just keeps them coming. Successful website design prioritizes the visitor experience. By eliminating the aspects that detract from user experience on your site, you’ll retain your visitors and gain others from the sites that still drive their visitors crazy.

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